Scoop Tunisie
Active Wear
Scoop supplies high quality differentiated products, which is the result of having the best suppliers and experienced staff.
Scoop can offer both Ready Made (RM) as well as Cutting, Making and Trims (CMT) solutions.
Our product experties are in the Protection and Workwear, Team wear, Casual Wear, High Fashion or Basic Sport.
Complex Technical Specifications and rigorous security regulations demand products of unique protection and comfort characteristiques.
In partnership with international brands, Scoop is ready to produce under this specification.

So...we can see them:
In the Courchevel Skiers
Or Climbing the Everest
In the Argentina Snowboarders
Or in Basket players in the Bronx
In the Hunters of the English forests
Or Olympic Games Swimmers
In the Fire men brigades
Medical emergency staff
Or F1 Pilots

Our customers are based all over the world, majority coming from Europe: Uk, France, Spain and Italy among others.
We develop products for them and with them - that will be delivered in all the continents and to an infinity of countries: US, Asia, South Africa, Latin America or Canada.

Our customers are worldwide recognized brands, which pursue high quality standards and take as their commitment the respect for labor rules and for the environment. And when we are together, there's empathy, profissionalism, ideas exchange, optimisation, realisations, presentations, visits, lunch,, fight, persistency, long distance goals and celebrations.
Scoop's goal is to provide customers with the best products, made by people commited to win.
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