Scoop Tunisie

To be the best


To our Customers (Customer Nr. 1, Win-win partnership, Innovative solutions, Added value, High quality and, differentiated product, Loyalty, Ethics and Integrity)


To our Suppliers ( Win-win partnership, Meet Commitments, Ethics and integrity, Respect for culture and, values, Mutual benefits)


To our People (Mutual respect, Fair compensation, Motivation, Participation and, involvement, Creativity and innovation, Continuous learning)


To our Community (Well being and Moral, Citizenship model, Patronage, Respect for human rights, Promotion for a safety, and health life style, Contribution to the)


To the Shareholders (Leadership in business, excellence, Profitability in Model, Gain sharing, Sustainable growth)

>> in a permanent effort towards excellence, continuously mobilized by the: Passion for Our customers, Our partners, Winning, The planet The success

To build a world balanced on the harmony between the human dimension, technology and being recognised worldwide as the best partner - all together.


Pursuing business excellence, balanced between Innovation, Well being and environement.
This is the attitude towards a high competitive and technological market. A market where brands search for new solutions, for the development of new concepts, new materials and new designs. A market where brands demand a high commitment with quality, but mostly a high concern for the best cost/quality ratio through:
- Anticipation
- Communication
- Loyalty

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